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Humphrey Oruwari Oruwari was born on the 20th of April to the family of Mr.Ransome Mrs. Comfort Oruwari of Briggs Compound Abonnema in Akuku Tori local Government in Rivers state.

After graduation from University, he worked with Baker Hughes in the drilling and evaluation division as technical support personnel for four years. He performed very well in the roles that he was asked to undertake for the company namely surface system engineer and MWD (measure while drilling) downhole engineer. Humphrey has a good attitude towards his colleagues. He is of a quiet nature but resilient and determined in approach. Humphrey also showed excellent commitment for timely and accurate completion of any task undertaken. Any person or organization will find Humphrey an excellent addition to their circle.

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Motto: Compassion and simplicity are essential ingredients of success.

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“Within operational areas in Niger Delta, it is observable that social control has crept out of the traditional leadership of elders.
Increasing youth are demanding to take control. Many of these youths are only partially in regular employment while some are
jobless. Pressure on available employment has thus mounted over time. Often, the industry is a single source of “hope”.
Following the perceived neglect of years, further social pressure is exerted on the industry to exhibit “Corporate social

Humphrey is a sustainability researcher his interest is in energy and environmental issues. His PhD thesis is on economic analysis of marginal oil field development in Nigeria.