After graduation from University, he worked with Baker Hughes in the drilling and evaluation division as technical support personnel for four years. He performed very well in the roles that he was asked to undertake for the company namely surface system engineer and MWD (measure while drilling) downhole engineer. Humphrey has a good attitude towards his colleagues. He is quite natural but resilient and determined in approach. Humphrey also showed excellent commitment for timely and accurate completion of any task undertaken. Any person or organization will find Humphrey an excellent addition to their circle.

After working for 4yrs with Baker Hughes Humphrey joined the services of NNPC where he is presently a deputy manager. While working for NNPC he has participated in some projects in and outside the country. One of such is projects is part of the West Africa gas pipeline project. Humphrey is part of the team that supervised the Benin Gas Quality monitoring system. Also, he worked with the Schlumberger group in Petronas office in England, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. while participating in Chevron Tubu oilfield development.

Humphrey has the following requisite educational and professional qualifications.

  1. B. Tech elect/electronic engineering
    2. Master Engineering management
    3. Master Energy and petroleum Economics
    4. Masters business administration
    5. Ph.D. Engineering management.

He is also a member of
1. Council for the regulation of engineering in Nigeria COREN
2. Nigeria Society of Engineer NSE
3. Nigeria institution of electrical electronics engineers NIEE
4. Nigerian Institute of management NIM
5. Society of petroleum Engineer SPE
6. Instrumentation, system, and automation society.
7 International association of energy economics IAEE.
8. National association of energy economics NAEE.

Humphrey’s hubbies are swimming and writing. He has written and published over 20 conference papers/articles in local and international journals.

Humphrey is a sustainability researcher his interest is in energy and environmental issues. His Ph.D. thesis is on the economic analysis of marginal oil field development in Nigeria.

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Humphrey is a sustainability researcher his interest is in energy and environmental issues. His PhD thesis is on economic analysis of marginal oil field development in Nigeria.

Humphrey Oruwari

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Within operational areas in Niger Delta, it is observable that social control has crept out of the traditional leadership of elders.
Increasing youth are demanding to take control. Many of these youths are only partially in regular employment while some are
jobless. Pressure on available employment has thus mounted over time. Often, the industry is a single source of “hope”.
Following the perceived neglect of years, further social pressure is exerted on the industry to exhibit “Corporate social

Humphrey’s featured keynote

Marginal oil field operators have been bedeviled by several challenges since its inception, among which are financial, technological, socio-political, ecological, and environmental issues. The study examined how marginal oil fields operating in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria could integrate and incorporate environmental accounting for managing the environment…

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